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QA Track
Dev Track
13:00 - 13:25
QA Track:
KEYNOTE: Leading Code - the art of leading product teams with empathy

Reghu shares his story of how a software engineer happy and heads down with building software systems turned into a product leader combining the curiosity for technology andleadership.

Reghu Ram Thanumalayan, SVP Magenta Voice Program at Deutsche Telekom
Dev Track:
KEYNOTE: Leading Code - the art of leading product teams with empathy

Reghu shares his story of how a software engineer happy and heads down with building software systems turned into a product leader combining the curiosity for technology andleadership.

Reghu Ram Thanumalayan, SVP Magenta Voice Program at Deutsche Telekom
13:30 - 13:55
QA Track:
David vs Goliath (Cypress vs Selenium)

Selenium has been on the scene for a long time. In recent years we have a new contender who is aiming for the throne, Cypress. Will Selenium hold off the pressure and firm his position or is the new kid on the block taking over?
In this short session we will do a deep dive into the comparison of both and decide who is the winner (will we though? ).

Filip Gudjevski, QE Technology Team Lead at Scalefocus
Dev Track:
Executable Strategic Roadmaps for App Modernization

You’ve been working hard on digital transformation and understand the importance of cloud technologies to accelerate the journey. You may have even set a “Cloud First” policy for your new and modernised applications, along with big budget commitments for the public cloud. You have buy-in on your strategy from the leadership team and now it’s time to execute, but how? Where do you start? How do you ensure you are unlocking value for people outside of IT? And how do you go faster?

In this talk, we will cover the frameworks, techniques, and tools that can take your current modernisation strategy and turn it into an executable Strategic Modernisation Roadmap.

Alex will discuss everything from how to conduct outcome-orientated modernisation analysis and decision-making, to the funding models and governance structures that remove common sticking points when moving from theory into practice. Finally, we cover how to use outcome-based roadmaps to bring it all together and measure success.

Alex Ley, Director at VMware
14:00 - 14:25
QA Track:
Selenium 4 - how to start with CDP

During the session Nikolay will cover one of the most exciting new features in Selenium 4 – Chrome Debugging Protocol (CDP). You will see how to use CDP as part of your tests, what kind of scenarios can be executed and last but not least which browsers support CDP. At the end of presentation there will be a comparison between some external grid providers and how ready they are for Selenium 4 release.

Nikolay Stanoev, QA Architect at Isobar Commerce
Dev Track:
Internet of Things in Healthcare and Well-being

This talk will be focused on the possible usage of Internet of Things devices in the sphere of healthcare. Examined are the possible applications of Internet of Things (IoT) in the monitoring of the health status and well-being of individuals. The various parameters that can be tracked are explained, the systematic analysis of which can help to improve the health and the quality of life of people. Different types of devices are considered which can be used for monitoring. A smart-garment called Hexoskin will be demonstrated which is also used by NASA. Demo of usage of IoT devices in the sphere of sports medicine will be shown as well.

Ivo Rusev, Engineering Team Lead at Musala Soft
14:30 - 14:55
QA Track:
Living on the Edge with CI/CD

Continuing to gain force and becoming a top trend in 2021 edge computing is something that more and more organizations are starting to rely on. Forming the industry baseline for rapid innovation at the edge – continuous integration, continuous delivery and continuous deployment are more important than ever. Practices that teams have started following consistently during the pandemic, such as extensive process automation utilizing the edge, have just added to the DevOps adoption traction that was already on the rise.
Although the acronym CI/CD has a few different meanings, it introduces an ongoing automation and continuous monitoring throughout the lifecycle of the products.

The scope of this presentation extends to an overview of how we in Edge Lifecycle Management team develop and maintain our CI/CD pipelines, how we handle the security part of our applications and how we manage a heterogenous mix of k8s operator, open-source components, cloud applications and others. We will also have a look at CI/CD current and future trends.

Dayana Dimitrova, DevOps Еngineer at SAP
Dev Track:
API-First! Contract-First! Make API development great again!

In the current situation of increased remote working, having a common, easier to understand medium of communication such as an OpenAPI spec document is indispensable.

Things get exciting when this so-called document can serve as a contract, generate clients, servers, documentation, help you build APIs and validate them!

When this OpenAPI document can also:
– Put your developers, clients and client’s developers first!
– Have Automatic, Fail-fast, API Contract Validation!
– Be Cross-Platform and Language Agnostic!
– Generate clients, servers, and documentation from OpenAPI specs in a plethora of languages!
– Simplify communication by means of a common document in YAML or JSON!
– Speed up development, prototyping, R&D, etc.!
– Reduce costs! Using contract tests in conjunction with (or as a replacement for) traditional end-to-end integration tests will be cheaper in the long run.
… things get even more interesting…

In the end we will tie this whole thing neatly in a knot in a LIVE DEMO.

Come at our talk and find out more!

Atanas Kuzmanov, Senior Software Engineer at Schwarz IT Bulgaria
15:00 - 15:25
QA Track:
Testing a data science model

I would like to share my knowledge about testing a model in a data science team. I appreciate this is a new area for testers to be in, but it has been a great experience to learn from.

I’d like to share how I explored the world of data science as a tester when testing a model and how we can apply that if we find ourselves in this situation. As part of an emerging team, how I contributed value in a field I have never tested.

I have heard from other senior testers that they know of data science teams but no testers testing the models, how do we have enough confidence what is produced is good enough? A model is a statistical black box, how to test it so we understand its behaviours to test is properly. Main aim would be to help inspire testers to explore data science models.

I’d like to invite you to my talk where, we will go through my journey of discovering data science model testing and find the following takeaways useful not just for testing a data science model but day to day testing too.

Laveena Ramchandani, Senior Consultant at Deloitte UK
Dev Track:
Next phases of K8S: From system management towards a platform to build applications and services

This talk will present Kubernetes not only as a workload orchestration environment, but as a platform for hosting and serving applications and services itself. We will achieve this by leveraging and extending the full Kubernetes stack – K8s’ own declarative API, RBAC, and extensibility constructs like Operators, CRDs and Admission Controllers. Kubernetes being the de-facto standard for running cloud-native applications, we propose to build applications on top of its built-in components, as developers are already familiar with core concepts (kubectl and yaml, declarative APIs, observability tools like Prometheus)

Anton Sankov, Member of Technical Staff at VMware
15:30 - 16:00
QA Track:
Dev Track:
16:00 - 16:25
QA Track:
Reducing the Scope of Load Tests with Machine Learning

Load testing execution produces a huge amount of data. Investigation and analysis are time-consuming, and numbers tend to hide important information about issues and trends. using machine learning is a good way to solve data issues by giving meaningful insights about what happened during test execution. Julio Cesar de Lima Costa will show you how to use K-means clustering, a machine learning algorithm, to reduce almost 300,000 records to fewer than 1,000 and still get good insights into load testing results. He will explain K-means clustering, detail what use cases and applications this method can be used in, and give the steps to help you reproduce a K-means clustering experiment in your own projects. You’ll learn how to use this machine learning algorithm to reduce the scope of your load testing and getting meaningful analysis from your data faster.

Júlio de Lima , Principal QA Engineer at Capco, MSc.
Dev Track:
Corp Dev in Tech Industry

What drives the astronomical Tech deal valuations? How are companies deciding on acquisition (M&A) targets? What is Corporate Development and why is it paramount in the Tech industry? This presentation will touch on these topics and more through the lens of a Corporate Development leader in one of the most acquisitive Silicon Valley newcomers. This corporate function is responsible for executing the company’s strategy through acquisitions and strategic partnerships, a lever in outperforming the competition in a quickly evolving growth business landscape.

Stani Grozdeva, Head of M&A Integration at Invitae
16:30 - 16:55
QA Track:
Testing distributed systems

Verifying the correctness of any large system is a non-trivial exercise. Now break that system into individually deployable, interdependent pieces, and try to test all that the usual way.. It is not pleasant and it hardly works.

This talk will cover classical testing, its typical failure modes and in particular its weaknesses when applied to distributed systems. It will then focus on approaching system verification via a multitude of alternative monitoring-based tools, collectively known as testing in production, together with their pros and cons

Alexander Kolev, Director of Engineering at Halo Dx
Dev Track:
Adopting DevOps Practices to Achieve Security and Compliance

When you have a rich portfolio of projects, some of them might be in highly regulated industries such as healthcare, insurance, and fintech. You might wonder what techniques to implement to meet the code quality, security, and compliance requirements. Or how automation in every step of the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) could help you achieve consistent, reliable, repeatable, and secure code delivery that enables businesses to release, validate, and innovate faster.

Join Daniel Rankov, Cloud & DevOps Manager at MentorMate, to understand firsthand the organizational and technological challenges of adopting DevOps practices in a service company, and how you could make most of them in yours.

Daniel Rankov, Cloud & DevOps Manager at MentorMate
17:00 - 17:25
QA Track:
Escaping microservice integration hell with specification-based contracts

Moving from monolith to microservice architecture enables fast, independent, and scalable deployments. It allows teams to push changes to production in minutes, instead of weeks or months. But what about the testing challenges? Are your “good old” end-to-end automation suites still reliable and efficient, or just slowing the team down? How do you scale the popular “shift-left” solutions across many teams with different stacks, approaches and maturity? This topic will walk you through a journey of trial and error in finding effective ways for testing microservices, and focus on alternative approaches for handling the often painful integration aspects of it.

Panayot Solakov, Quality Assurance Manager at Experian
Dev Track:
Quantum computing: Status, applications for Finance and Experian

Join this session to find out what a quantum computer is ( and what is not !), myths vs reality and why Experian Datalabs is watching closely the development of this exciting technology and how it could impact our industry. Contrary to popular belief, a quantum computing is not a faster classical computer. In fact, for many operations it is considerable slower. However, for some special type of problems that involve exponential scaling which are very challenging for classical computers, quantum computers are uniquely suited to solve them. You will also learn what Time crystals are and how they could be applied to quantum computers.

Javier Campos, General Manager Data Labs UK&I at Experian
17:30 - 17:55
QA Track:
Web Accessibility Testing

During the session Kris will go over what is web accessibility testing, a few interesting reasons on why we should test our web apps for accessibility issues as well as some methods for manual and automated testing. At the end of the presentation we will answer the question is having those tests enough to say our site/app is accessible.“

Kristian Pachev, QA Team Lead at Isobar Commerce
Dev Track:
LocalStack without LocalStack - BigData pipelines on your laptop

The benefits of testing cloud based BigData pipelines locally are many and obvious and therefore the idea behind it is not something new. Thus tools such as the AWS specific LocalStack and similar solutions for other cloud providers have appeared – closing the gap between the cloud infrastructure and your local machine. In this session we will outline a generic and cloud agnostic approach of emulating BigData processing engines with readily available and free technologies. We will go through some of the challenges of combining those into a CI/CD being able to test the correctness of your pipeline at build time. Our end goal will be to encourage you to try it and see the benefits for the stability and quality of the applications being built especially in a you-build-it-you-own-it mentality in which most of us live in today.

Desislava Andreeva, Member of Technical Staff at VMware
18:00 - 19:00
QA Track:
KEYNOTE: Demanding Technical Excellence and Professionalism

The vast majority of software developers have yet to learn the practices and disciplines
that constitute professional behavior. That’s because those practices have only just
recently been defined. The software industry is barely fifty years old. It has taken nearly
that long to figure out what software professionalism is. It is only in the last few years
that a set of generally accepted software practices have been defined. But now they are
here, and it’s time for management to demand that professional behavior. In this talk,
Robert C. Martin will describe these disciplines, and practices, and will discuss how to
raise the professionalism bar in your projects and teams.

UNCLE BOB, founder at Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.
Dev Track:
KEYNOTE: Demanding Technical Excellence and Professionalism

The vast majority of software developers have yet to learn the practices and disciplines
that constitute professional behavior. That’s because those practices have only just
recently been defined. The software industry is barely fifty years old. It has taken nearly
that long to figure out what software professionalism is. It is only in the last few years
that a set of generally accepted software practices have been defined. But now they are
here, and it’s time for management to demand that professional behavior. In this talk,
Robert C. Martin will describe these disciplines, and practices, and will discuss how to
raise the professionalism bar in your projects and teams.

UNCLE BOB, founder at Uncle Bob Consulting LLC.
QA Track:
Will be announced soon
Dev Track:
Will be announced soon
QA Track:
Dev Track:
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