Capital is the media for the decision-makers. Capital gives useful business information - business news, sector analyses; objective comments and in-depth analysis of what is happening in the economy and in the political and social life. Capital says not only what is happening and why, but also give information of what is about to come.

Capital writes professionally, meaningfully and boldly, follows the principles of the quality journalism and keeps the ethical standards in the profession, it has transparent ownership and clear business model.

Capital has a couple of platforms, that complement each other in creating value for the reader - daily newspaper Capital Daily, weekly newspaper Capital and online -

Capital issues additional magazines in two main directions - consumer and business. In the business line of the additional issues are yearly reports for the different industries and rankings of the companies with data analyses.

Capital organises business events with year calendar for more than 10 conferences in different industries and sectors of the economy, as well as event platforms such as "Annual summit of the business and the government", Digitalk, etc.