Maxim Naidenov


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Writing reliable web application UI tests

Track 1
11:35 AM - 12:20 PM

Writing reliable application UI tests for web applications has never been easy. Modern JavaScript-centric frameworks have made this even more complicated as the application UI is generated and manipulated completely asynchronously by JavaScript code. The main challenge for writing UI tests are the sporadic failures that dismiss its value as a testing tool. Event harder is to inspire the application developer to write application UI tests and respectively bring benefits of test-driven development to the UI domain. Overcoming the reliability and acceptance obstacles requires a developer-minded test framework that integrates with the development environment and provides immediate value. In this session we will show how those challenges are are solved in SAP most advanced UI framework. Together with all its enterprise qualities, SAP open-sourced OpenUI5 framework provides a state-of-the-art application UI testing framework called OPA. Using it, every application developer can write application UI tests that synchronize with the state of the application and provide inherent reliability without any explicit efforts. Bring an integrated backend mocking completes the toolset. Together, those features make it possible that every UI developer could build extensive, self-contained test suites that cover most UI interactions supported by the application. Having a good application UI test coverage turbocharges the application quality and brings the continuous delivery processes to a much higher reliability and automation level.