Production monitoring and analysis in the cloud

Track 2
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

In the presentation will be discussed different approaches to production monitoring in the cloud, why it is important to the organizations and how to apply it at large scale with real life examples. Starting from the differences between functional testing, performance testing and performance monitoring the presentation will dive into what are passive and active performance monitoring approaches and how to choose among them. Active monitoring example will be showcased - monitoring availability of services, SLAs (Service Level Agreement) and meaningful and on time alerting. Tools that will be demonstrated are Neustar and Big Panda. Active monitoring gives one static picture of the system , while real user monitoring gives perspective on what actual customers are experiencing during their interaction with the site. How to get this data, analyze it and optimize for maximum user satisfaction will also be discussed. Our approach to that problem will be showcased and discussed with M-Pulse tool.