Svetozar Georgiev


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Groom or doom – why junior talent is the true fuel for your growth

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1:30 PM - 2:10 PM

Business growth is great. We all want it. But how do you scale your team to keep up with expansion and market opportunities? Many recruitment channels and tactics exist, but which ones are predictable and sustainable? In my 15 years of running and advising successful companies, I have seen that that the most constructive and sustainable way for team growth is investing in junior talent. At scale. True, all companies need senior- and mid-level talent too, but the pool is not infinite. It is a zero-sum game. Headhunting, inflated recruitment and retention practices, lower loyalty and engagement – those are just a few of the downsides. Once we look beyond our own individual companies, this problem becomes even bigger. This zero-sum game actually hurts the ecosystem as a whole and deprives Bulgaria of its competitive position in the longer term. So what’s the solution? Invest in junior talent and the creation of net new specialists in a systematic and controlled manner. It has proven to work and at scale that is. It certainly did for our company (Telerik) and helped us grow massively, yet predictably and sustainably. The process is not easy and requires change of mindset, operational and team structure. But it works. Embrace it, or get ready to watch businesses migrate away from Bulgaria.