Iancho Dimitrov


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Do Architects Need Soft Skills?

Track 1
4:45 PM - 5:30 PM

This talk mainly targets software and test architects and also experienced software and test engineers. At a certain stage of your technical career journey you usually reach a crossroad with two main options ahead. The one leads to engaging more and more with team leadership and project management responsibilities. The second option is the path to the architect's role - and it is broadly regarded as the "pure" technical way forward. I've seen that IT professionals choosing the second path very often underestimate the fact that the Architect role differs a lot from all technical implementation roles. It includes many new types of responsibilities and requires a specific set of skills to effectively communicate with practically all other roles in the project team (and beyond). This is especially true in the case of big enterprise projects, spanning years and having three-digit number of team members involved. In this talk I will share my experience and point of view about why are Soft Skills really important for an Architect and what are the main challenges there. The good news is that to a great extent obtaining the needed soft skills can be hacked - by sticking to a set of rules and changing a bit your perspective and point of view. I hope that through examples from first-hand experience (both positive and negative) and through sharing a set of actionable ideas I'll be able to help you have a more successful and rewarding experience as an architect. P.S. Great you reached that far in the description :)! And by the way - a TL;DR mindset is not a valid option at all for a successful architect in my humble opinion.