Lyubomir Ivanov


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Enterprise Orchestration for Continuous Delivery

Track 2
11:35 AM - 12:20 PM

Why use microservice architecture when we are not fully taking advantage of all its features? Why granulate big monolithic systems into small single duty micro pieces, when we are not using them to their full potential? Due to the clumsiness of the release process, many bug fixes or independent new features get postponed for weeks or months until stakeholders' approval, general availability date, next release date, or what not. In the end, most of the time this is just a technical problem and not a business one.   In this talk you will be presented a rather bold revision of the continuous delivery approach. You will see how to setup a development ecosystem where release to production will be within the 15 minutes mark after development effort has been done. You will see that once having this mindset, one will be able to turn this technological "madness" into an advantage and even a competitive edge. Together, we will take agile development process one step further and all this - LIVE.