NodeJS and TypeScript – a modern software stack for 2017

Track 1
3:45 PM - 4:30 PM

Lecturer: Ethan Ram [bio below] Subject: A review of the latest industry trends for software development and deployment and how we implemented them in SBTech’s latest projects. Duration: 45 minutes (can do more or less, if needed) Agenda: - What do we want? To KISS! - Everything with JavaScript? Yes! - To SQL or to NOSQL? You’ve got it wrong! - The full-stack developer? Not a myth! - From the monolith to the zoo! - DevOPs: the raise of the planet Automation! - Demo time! BIO: Ethan Ram is the head of the gaming department of SBTech, developing one of the most advanced gaming platforms in the market. Among his roles, he is leading the transformation of the company from a monolith/proprietary-technologies era to the agile/open-source age. Ethan has extensive experience as an R&D Manager and a software architect in leading corporations, as well as a startup entrepreneur.